Top 5 Best Magical Unicorn Costumes for Dogs

There’s no denying that your dog is exceptional, remarkable, and unique. All in all, for Halloween, why not dress them up like another exceptional, remarkable, and unique animal — like a unicorn? And truly, what’s more charming than a unicorn costume for dogs?

Unicorns may not be *real* creatures (even though we’re holding out the desire to find one in the wild!), however, they are genuinely famous! You can find the unicorn pattern in everything from journals to shirts, kid’s shows to motion pictures, and practically everything in between, including Halloween costumes.

1. Rubie’s Unicorn Cape with Hood and Light-Up Collar Dog Costume

In addition to the fact that these unicorn costumes offer a strong expression (simply take a gander at that gold horn!), the light-up collar likewise makes it simpler to watch out for your dog while you’re out going house to house asking for candy.

2. Lifeunion Unicorn Soft Fleece Pet Hoodie Jumpsuit Costume

Halloween can be a crisp season. Be that as it may, with this fleece number, not exclusively will your pet be the cutest unicorn on the block — but they’ll likewise remain overall quite warm!

3. Midlee Dog Unicorn Horn Headband

This unicorn headband is perfect for larger dogs and comes totally with a brilliant horn and a bright lace mane. The horn stays set up with a flexible chin lash and is everything your dog needs to shake the unicorn look from the neck up.

4. Zoo Snoods Unicorn Dog Costume

This unicorn headband serves as a neck and ear hotter, making it an incredible Halloween costume as well as an extraordinary, unicorn-inspired winter frill!

5. Unicorn Dog Halloween Hoodie

If you need a unicorn Halloween costume that can likewise twofold as loungewear, go for this purple hooded pullover with rainbow horn. In addition to the fact that it is perfect for going house to house asking for candy, yet it’s perfect for snuggling around the house!

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