The girl was buried with gold jewelry sets dating back 1,800 years

Experts believe that delicate jewelry such as gold earrings and gold pendants help protect the girl in the afterlife.

A bunch of ancient gold jewelry in a tomb near Jerusalem was displayed for the first time at the 48th Archeological Congress organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel Exploration Association, and the Israel Archeological Society in Jerusalem on March 3. /4. They were discovered over 50 years ago, yet had never been displayed to the general population until the congress.

Adorned with the image of the Roman goddess Luna, this 1,800-year-old jewelry set is intended to ward off malicious spirits and protect a little kid in the afterlife. The jewelry set includes gold earrings, a hairpin, a gold pendant, gold beads, red carnelian beads, and glass beads.

Experts found them in a lead coffin at a Roman burial site on Mount Scopus, northeast of Jerusalem, in 1971. It appears to be that relatives placed these delicate things close to the girl’s body. youthful, or essentially the girl was wearing jewelry when she was buried.

The jewelry set helps scientists understand more about the period when this area was controlled by the Roman realm. For over 100 years, from 6 to 132, it was known as the Roman province of Judea. This period also had occasions such as the crucifixion of Jesus and the development of Christianity.

Roman rule finished in chaos and carnage, however left a cultural impact. The jewelry set in Jerusalem is one of the confirmations that shows this. A few things, such as necklaces with bow moon pendants, bear the image of Luna – the Roman goddess of the Moon.

The historical context of the tomb recommends that this may have been a burial place for newbies to the city. They came from somewhere else in the Roman domain and were not Christians. Researchers believe almost certainly, the jewelry was buried nearby to protect the deceased from bad spirits that plagued them in the afterlife.

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