Bulgarian queen’s golden heart dating back a thousand years

Gold heart-shaped jewelry originating from the 10th century found in Bulgaria may have had a place with Queen Maria Lakapene, spouse of Tsar Petar I.

Stoycho Bonev and Radostina Georgieva, two associate professors from the National Research Institute and the Archeological Museum in Sofia, tracked down the heart-shaped gold ornament in the town of Veliki Preslav, northeastern Shumen region. Bulgaria, Archeology in Bulgaria wrote about October 15.

The gold heart is 4 cm wide and 3.5 cm long with a 5-variety enamel, including sky blue, green, rose red, white, and ivory. It originated in the 10th 100 years, during the rule of Bulgarian Tsar Petar I (927 – 969).

“The heart is made from high-grade gold of more than 23 carats and is a decoration attached to clothes,” Bonev said.

This jewelry is made using the lattice enameling procedure, which means a silicon combination is cast in a gold or silver mold to create small cells, which are then covered with vivid glass powder, creating an enamel layer.

From the date and skillful details of the golden heart, the archeological team speculates that it may have a place with Queen Maria Lakapene, the spouse of Tsar Petar I. This is an important archeological artifact, as well as a masterpiece. jewelry so nobody can estimate its actual value.

“Many similar jewelry have also been found, yet they are made from silver or copper so they are cheaper. Since the Preslav gold treasure was discovered in 1978, this is the first time there has been such splendid jewelry. Such traps were found,” Bonev remarked.

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