A pair of gold earrings studded with precious stones that are over 800 years old

Byzantine earrings and Islamic-style coins in a treasure store in a German town reveal Viking trade relations. An apprentice metal identifier in northern Germany as of late discovered a treasure stash of 800-year-old gold jewelry and silver coins that revealed trade relations in the locale, Live Science covered March 1. The treasure contained two pairs … Read more

A gold necklace dating back 2,500 years has been discovered

The newfound necklace at Cavandi once had a place with an individual of the high society, made by a gifted Iron Age craftsman. Sergio Marciandi, a laborer at a local water company, accidentally discovered two gold necklaces among the stones while working in Cavandi, Asturias, northwestern Spain, CNN provided details regarding September 13. He immediately … Read more

Dozens of 1,500-year-old gold pieces discovered

Archeologists discovered 35 small pieces of gold that existed from around the 5th – 8th hundreds of years under an old sanctuary in Vingrom village, on the edges of Lillehammer. The gold pieces are square, as extensive as a fingernail, very slender, and engraved with pictures of ladies and men wearing perfect outfits, Newsweek investigated … Read more

The girl was buried with gold jewelry sets dating back 1,800 years

Experts believe that delicate jewelry such as gold earrings and gold pendants help protect the girl in the afterlife. A bunch of ancient gold jewelry in a tomb near Jerusalem was displayed for the first time at the 48th Archeological Congress organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel Exploration Association, and the Israel Archeological … Read more

An ancient vessel filled with gold is 350 years old.

Marine archeologists were surprised to find gold and valuable stone artifacts from the disaster area of a Spanish cargo transport that sank many years ago. The Spanish boat Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Wonders) carried such countless extravagant treasures that when it sank in the Bahamas in 1656, endless salvage efforts took … Read more

Discovered Gold Earrings Resembling Ancient Egyptian Mummy Drawings

The flawless earrings are identical to the earrings of honorable ladies in mummy portraits in ancient Egypt. Archeologists discovered an intact gold earring in a room of a public bath in Deultum, a Roman state near the town of Debelt in the Burgas locale on the Black Sea coast of southeastern Bulgaria. The earring is … Read more

Exploring a Cache of Antique Gold and Silver Coins

A Kentucky man discovered a cache of more than 700 coins from the American Civil War (1861-1865) while digging in his fields earlier this year. The coin vault includes many American gold coins that existed from 1840 to 1863, accounting for about 95%, along with a couple of silver coins. According to Numismatic Guaranty Co. … Read more

Top 5 Credit Cards to Apply for in USA with Bad Credit

How are you expected to realize which credit cards to apply for with bad credit when many cards strive for your focus? We’ve gathered an assortment of unsecured and secured credit cards explicitly intended for people with a history of credit issues. What the cards need extravagant accessories, they compensate for in their accepting disposition. … Read more

Top 5 Instant Cash Advances With No Credit Check in USA

Thousands of shoppers go to the internet every day to get endorsed for a loan. Be that as it may, for some, finding the cash they need is troublesome because of low credit scores and bad credit narratives. And when you want cash immediately, the options dwindle significantly further. However, handfuls, if not hundreds, of … Read more